Success can be measured in many ways


Success can be measured in many ways.
KAKUTE Project Co recently concluded our BDS (Business Development Services) to BCEs (Biogas Constructors Enterprises) in Kilimanjaro and Tanga region under the support from SNV Biogas. In total they were 19 and in the final they join the BCEs from Arusha and Manyara region to form their northern zone association. For further information you can contact SNV Northern Zone portfolio.
On behalf of the KAKUTE Project Co Ltd, Board members and staff, I take this opportunity to express our sincerest appreciation for your contribution of our performance in the year 2014/15. The contract final payment is done and well received to our account. KPCL is deeply grateful for your support and generosity.

It is through the support of individuals and corporate representatives like you that we are able to continue to strengthen our programs, and to develop new and innovative projects to help the underprivileged communities and SMEs.

These successes are impossible without YOU, our generous donors. Thanks to you, people worldwide can find answers to sensitive health questions, diagnose and treat an illness, and effectively advocate for good health and safe, clean jobs. You + Strategies for Change = Success!
Thank you for helping us to continue our work and helping people worldwide live a better and healthier life!

KAKUTE is engaging on Lobbying and Advocacy activities for RETs, On July to September we were able to reach 10 regions 20 district and 50 WEOs to discuss the important of renewable energy to improve livelihood of the community within their area. From the visit we got different views which will help on implementation of renewable energy projects in those areas.
Support for training to LGA staff, Training institutions, financial institutions at community level, Individual entrepreneurs, NGOs and CBOs in RET’s seen as important intervention at District and WARD levels which are already undertaking the activity. However considering the challenges of increased demand on energy supply, some of these institutions are not offering promotion workshop and training on the emerging technologies in our country such as solar PV for household appliances and lighting, efficient energy for cooking and heating but are eager to enter into new areas.
KAKUTEs 20th year’s anniversary.
KAKUTE Project Co Limited will celebrate its 20 years of existence (1995 – 2015). Since 1995, a lot of activities have taken place, which so far educated thousands of people in environmental issues and social enterprise for sustainable development.

As an indigenous social enterprise in Tanzania working for social development and advocating in the area of water and sanitation, food security, renewable energy and land use plan. KAKUTE in accordance with its Mission and Vision has carried out training and awareness focusing on environmental conservation and energy-saving technologies using grassroots practical approach primarily to rural farmers and Influencing national policies and plans to integrate environmental considerations in all aspects of Tanzania’s social, economic and cultural development and with all this recorded achievement so far; caused the 20 years celebration of existence.

As we approach the 20th anniversary early next year, KPCL will continue to lead the charge in providing specialized BDS services to SMEs, CBOs and LGA in Tanzania focusing water ad sanitation, food security, renewable energy and land use plan. We are now developing 5 years strategic plan for 2016-2020 which will be shared with you when is complete.

The key area of our strategic plan focus will be on
1. Organization strengthening
2. Business incubation program including lobbying and advocacy
3. Project development and management
4. Volunteer program.