Kakute Prease Release

KAKUTE Projects Company.

Livinus Manyanga

Executive Director – Livinus.manyanga@kakute.org



ARUSHA TANZANIA – KAKUTE Projects Company (KPCL) will celebrate its 20th anniversary featuring technology, innovation and business development services in Tanzania. The event will take place at its headquarters located within the Njiro Agricultural Show Ground in Arusha on 25th February 2017  , Mr. Sosthenes Sambua, (BA, PGD Planning and Management and MBA), is the Chief Guest and vast experience in  Private Sector, SME Development and Cluster Competitiveness. Currently he is, the Executive Director of Tanzania Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness Centre (TECC).

The event is expected to bring together over 120 KAKUTE alumni, partners and members from the academic, private and public sectors across the country. Assembling the best and brightest, the day’s program will include discussions on the direction of and potential for technology, innovation, incubation and commercialization of business models in line with the nation’s vision to industrialization.

KPCL aims to strengthen its position and relevance in the National Five Year Plan implementation process. Towards these ends, and in line with national priorities, KPCL’s five-year strategic plan is entitled Sustainable Technology Innovation and Commercialization of business models.

KAKUTE Project Co Ltd (KPCL) (previously known as the (KAKUTE since 1995) is  now a Social Enterprise Limited by Guarantee without profit, re-registered in Tanzania under the company act 2002 with No. 69039 since 2008. Our headquarters are located at TASO agricultural show ground; plot N6 Njiro, Arusha Tanzania. Our vision is to create a vibrant innovation and technology business model and ecosystem to deliver social and economic benefits to Tanzania and the East Africa Region.

KPCL is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary; the theme of the event is Incubators Network the Approach to Fostering Technology Innovation and Business Development in Tanzania.”. The program begins at 8:00am with registration.

Most Welcome!