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KAKUTE implements activities to facilitate market improvements aimed at increasing demand and improving supply. We undertake pilot projects, conduct market research, and test interventions for a range of clients.

Advocacy and Lobbying

Proactively building deep relationships and conducive business environments while protecting the interests of customers, communities, businesses, investors and governments.

Technology and Product Development

Offering quality assurance and design services for new and improved products, ensuring that they are responsive to market demand.

Financing Mechanisms

Such as facilitating supplier credit through signposting and referrals, and liaising with MFIs to develop appropriate credit products for SMEs.

Market Access

Enabling customers by providing information and support on accessing markets.These including conducting readiness assessments, market analysis, market information studies marketing strategies, new and niches exploration, identification and establishment and developing market linkage.

Training and Technical Assistance

We provide technical assistance on business registration procedures, work and residency permit application procedures. We also offer training and mentoring services in identification of economic opportunities, conducting feasibility studies and developing business plans, management training, operational audits and impact assessments, counselling and advisory services, and fostering links between services providers and enterprises.

Input Supply Chain

Including connecting MSMEs to raw material and  production suppliers, improving suppliers' capacity to provide regular supply of quality inputs, facilitating the establishment of bulk buying groups and providing information on input supply sources.

"We work close with regional and district administrative authorities, private sector, nonprofit organization, academia and research institution to identify opportunities and area of interventions to address challenges related to; water and sanitation, food security, land use plan clean energy and look for possible solutions using bottom-up approaches."


Partnership with Local Government Authorities, development partners, research institutions that ensure research and services are aligned with value chain development to our basic needs of water and sanitation, food security, clean and efficient energy, land use plan to provide shelter and production of agricultural must be met from the available resource which is in limited supply.


Access To Energy Institute


Peoples Portable Power


Direct Aid Program


Creative, friendly people, dedicated to producing ideas that work damn hard to our clients.

Executive Director

Livinus Manyanga

Deputy Executive Director

Lucy Morewa

Assistant Program Officer

Emael Mrema


Erca Uiso

Training Officer

Hoisia Charles

Creative Designer

Remmy Winstone


Badi Ally

Office Attendant

Nafishwaeli Mvungi

Office Attendant

Maimuna Sukari

LAB Director A2EI

Hamza Sapi

Senior Engineering Associate A2EI LAB

Joseph Bundala

Senior Research Associate A2EI LAB

Ansila Kweka

Research Associate A2EI LAB

Gervas Lawrence

Operations Associate A2EI LAB

Binde Mohamed

Operations Associate A2EI LAB

Hemed Ally

Senior Engineering Associate A2EI LAB

Erick Mgonda

Some of the Institutions and Companies we've worked with

We work with hundreds of micro entrepreneurs; small to medium sized businesses to develop new products for local and export market in the area of food security, renewable energy, advocating for land use plan, water and sanitation, and environment protection.


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Agricultural show ground

Gate No.4 Plot No.6

P.O.Box 13954

Arusha, Tanzania

Mobile: +255-754 662 646 / +255-758 181 524

Email: info@kakute.org


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